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Factory: No.9,Shaghayegh St., Pamchal Blvd, Hassanroud Industrial District, Guilan
Tel: +981344933 Fax:+981344404036
Head Office: No.20, Motahar Alley, Motahati St., Rasht, Guilan
Tel: +981334266 Fax:+981332336644
Distribution Company In Guilan And Mazandaran Province: Km 10 Of Tehran Highway, Rasht, Guilan
Tel: +981334277 Fax: +981333696511
Central Store: 118 St., Golsar, Rasht, Guilan
Tel: +981333723034
Sale E-Mail: Sale@Gooshtin.Com
Branch E-Mail: Info@Gooshtin.Com

23 years ago , A Store called Protein of Tehran located on Motahari Street opened. with kindness of god and tireless activities of the protein Tehran managers , Miras Gil pak began to work in the field of distribution of protein products. with kindness of god now with 200 staff and number of over 30 Isuzu and nissan truck And also by using modern technologies is doing Better service to customers. What we have been able to do is kindness of god.