QR Code

Rapid Response Code (QR-Code) or QR-Code is a high-capacity, two-dimensional encrypted (zero-wick) encrypted (bar code) encoder designed to decode its contents at high speed.
These passwords are square-shaped in that the information contained in small black dots is called a module or module based on the standard template (ISO / IEC18004: 2006) and can contain a web address, SMS. , Contact information, business card format, phone number, price, and specifications of a product at the same time, or any other text and data.
Goshtin has a dedicated QR-Code for all of them, for ease of access and quick access to customer information, which customers can enter into their proprietary URLs with their smartphones for more complete information and even cooking instruction.To study them.

Customers Club

Due to increased representation of companies in our beloved country, For mutual respect to Dear Customers , we provide The relevant form in the form of joining the gooshtin club To be included in our customer list without in-person and Enjoy our special services. Some special services:
• Informing about gooshtin festivals.
•Participate in lotteries
• Register in the customer database to receive comments and suggestions
• Get healthy tips for good cooking
How to become a member


Scientists with experiments on 1,500 volunteers found who dedicate a lot of time to cooking And they do it with boredom, They are more comfortable dealing with life's problems and And they have a more relaxed spirit.
Therefore, the Ghooshtin company has prepared many ways to cook the products it offers to its customers To enjoy cooking with Ghoshtin.

Why Gooshtin's burgers?

Goushtin Khazar Co was set up in February 2014 in Hassanroud Industrial district. This company established with the aim of production and distribution of different kinds of burgers, kebeb, and all chicken and meat products (both fresh and frozen). In this regard, this company managed to achieve high international standards such as HACCP 2200 and ISO 9001 due to hard work and determination of its managers and employees. Goushtin Khazar is also the first company which has the national standard in packaging of meat and chicken and in the years 2015, 2016, and 2017 was selected as the best industrial in Guilan province.

23 years age a store called Tehran meat products was established in Motahari Street of Rasht. Due to hard work of managers of this store, Mehras Gil Pak was Set up in 2008 in the field of distribution of protein products. We are grateful to announce that, currently 200 people are working in this company and more than 30 vehicles are being used on a daily basis to carry products around. We try to use the latest technology to serve our customers. We thank God for all these improvements.